Find Your Identity, and Walk in Freedom from Sexual Brokenness

Awaken for men is an intentional discipleship journey leading you to sexual integrity.

Awaken helps you pursue the better life God has for you. 

Go Deep

Uncover the hidden wounds, beliefs, and patterns keeping you stuck, and discover the good you didn’t know was there.

Connect with Jesus

Draw closer to Jesus as your source of healing by pressing into four key areas of your life: Strength, Heart, Mind, & Spirit.


You weren’t made for lust. You were made for love. Awaken helps you develop a vision for the man God created you to be.

How it works

Awaken is made up of four 12-week modules

  1. Awaken Strength
    Understand the cycle, learn your patterns, & develop an action plan to create space for healing.
  2. Awaken Heart
    Grow in emotional awareness, uncover wounds driving your unwanted behaviors, and connect with God and others.
  3. Awaken Mind
    Uncover false beliefs, expose illusions, and learn to let Jesus open your eyes to what’s good, true, and beautiful.
  4. Awaken Spirit
    Learn what it means to walk in the Spirit as your way to integrity–fighting for your body, rather than against it.

For the same price as a Netflix subscription or 3 coffees a month, you can learn to walk in freedom from unwanted sexual behaviors.

Join Awaken Now

You just need to decide you’re ready to take the time to change and then take the first step. Once you do, Awaken is there to walk you each step of the way with a growing community of men who desire freedom from unwanted sexual behaviors.

Awaken for Men
Awaken for men is an intentional discipleship journey leading you to sexual integrity.
  • A Growing Community of Men
  • 48 Short Video Lessons
  • 48 Rich Weekly Readings
  • 48 Workbook Exercises
  • Special Audio Prayer Exercises
  • Weekly Research & Reflections

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