You’re worth too much to keep falling into sexual sin.

Awaken equips you to walk closer with Jesus and leave sexual sin for good.
Confused why you repeat the same things again and again?
Bothered by recurring guilt and shame? Tired of hurting the ones you love?

God has better in store for you

Go Deep

Uncover the hidden wounds, beliefs, and patterns keeping you stuck, and discover the good you didn’t know was there.

Connect with Jesus

Draw closer to Jesus as your source of healing by pressing into four key areas of your life: Strength, Heart, Mind, & Spirit.


You weren’t made for lust. You were made for love. Awaken helps you develop a vision for the man God created you to be.

About Awaken

Awaken knows you want to be a man of integrity, but pornographic images are everywhere and quick-fixes don’t work, so you’re left defeated. We believe God created you to love sacrificially, not to lust selfishly. We understand the pain of doing what you don’t want to do, which is why we designed Awaken by bringing together therapeutic insights, practical exercises, solid biblical theology, and ancient Christian practices to lead you on a journey of leaving unwanted sexual behaviors for good.
How it works:

Awaken is made up of four 12-week modules

Walk through each module in order or dive in wherever you feel most in need. With Jesus’ words in Luke 10:27 in view, each module helps you focus your recovery on one of four key areas.


Understand the cycle, learn your patterns, & develop an action plan to create space for healing.


Grow in emotional awareness, uncover wounds driving your unwanted behaviors, and connect with God and others.


Uncover false beliefs, expose illusions, and learn to let Jesus open your eyes to what’s good, true, and beautiful.


Learn what it means to walk in the Spirit as your way to integrity–fighting for your body, rather than against it.

You’re not alone

Our Happy Members

“I’ve only been a part of this community for a few months.  And at first I was highly skeptical it was going to help me, but it is. I feel more centered, more grounded. More connected, more integrated. God is slowly and surely working on me and reminding me of who I am, using this Christ-centered, intentional community.”

Awaken Member

"Before Awaken, I was engaged in periods of watching pornography, lustful thoughts, and habitual masturbation. I tried so hard to stop on my own but always ended up failing miserably.…I hated myself for it. Awaken has given me a safe community to bring these dark sins to light, brothers to lean on in temptation, and tools to recognize the addictive cycle and how to be free of sin's grip. I can happily say now that I have been free of those addictive behaviors for months."

Awaken Member

“We just celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary this weekend. I cannot believe what I almost lost.…Awaken was a time and a place where I truly started to see the Gospel was written for me, a sex addict, it was my story. It was a solid foundation for my recovery program. Three and a half years later I still reference the materials and recall the key quotes. I am grateful for the program and the men who built the materials.”

Awaken Member

“Using what I learned in Awaken, living in community and accountability, and relying on the power of God who lives within me, I found sustained healing from not only my sexual addiction, but also from all other ungodly patterns that eroded my identity in Christ. The Scottish writer Bruce Marshall said, ‘The young man who rings the bell at the brothel is unconsciously looking for God.’ I was that man. Today, I live in freedom I once thought never possible thanks to this amazing ministry!"

Awaken Member

For the same price as a Netflix subscription or 3 coffees a month, you can learn to leave unwanted sexual behaviors for good.

Join today so you can stop feeling hopeless and start waking up to a new future.

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